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PERFORM by Maverick Solutions, our performance support tool, offers customizable and real-time guidance within the application. We create and update in-app guidance as Oracle Cloud applications evolve and as your business processes change.
ENGAGE by Maverick Solutions

Customized Support

Personalized step-by-step walkthroughs, alerts, and notifications improve user adoption and productivity by providing immediate answers and assistance at the point of need.

Real-time Assistance

Interactive in-app help dynamically appears in real time based on your needs, job role, and location in the application.

Contextual Guidance

PERFORM is embedded into your environment and is accessible 24/7 to instantly assist you in the application whenever and wherever you need.

Perform by Maverick Solutions

Improve Software Adoption

Convert your organization’s existing complex business processes into a step-by-step walkthrough to decrease user error and increase application usability. Identify user pain points so you can create and implement flows that are useful to your users, while reducing IT support tickets. You can embed links to other training material, such as Maverick ENGAGE or your organization’s existing training manuals, within the application. PERFORM by Maverick Solutions is built and customized with users in mind.

Embedded Environment

Embedded into your Environment

Our in-app solution is accessible 24/7 to instantly assist users at the time of need. You can leverage PERFORM by Maverick Solutions as a communication and guidance tool according to your organization’s unique needs.

Content Developer Access

Take Control with Content Developer Access

Maverick Solutions can work with you to build and update your customized flows as your business processes change. Or we can give you control by teaching you how to build and update your flows on your own.

Open HTML Platform

Open HTML Platform Capabilities

Most organizations use multiple applications to perform day-to-day business operations. With PERFORM, you won’t need to purchase a unique performance support tool for each of your organization’s enterprise technologies. We can provide in-app guidance for the HTML-based applications your company uses. You can leverage PERFORM outside of Oracle Cloud, in many HTML applications.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with your Business Processes

We can integrate with your organization’s existing LMSs and support tools. We can embed your organization’s documents, videos, and links into the live Oracle environment. You can use PERFORM by Maverick Solutions to communicate changes in business processes or display videos during onboarding—all while your employees are in the Oracle system.