Oracle Procurement Cloud

purchase orders and purchase requisitions in Oracle Procurement Cloud

Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders in Oracle Procurement Cloud

You may have heard of purchase requisitions and purchase orders and assumed they were interchangeable terms referring to the same document. Although purchase requisitions and purchase orders are similar in nature, they are two separate documents that occur in different phases of the purchasing process. Purchase requisitions and purchase orders are two key components of Oracle Procurement Cloud. It is...

Beginner's guide to Oracle Cloud Procurement

Beginner’s Guide to Oracle Cloud Procurement

Oracle Cloud Procurement is a suite of applications that your company can use to integrate your sourcing, purchasing, and supplier management processes. Some of the key benefits for using Oracle Procurement are listed below: Ability to maintain electronic records of documentation in one integrated Cloud system. Access to personalized and interactive dashboards and infolets in most of Procurement’s work areas, which offer...