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Train the Trainer is Outdated

Train the Trainer is Outdated

Train the Trainer is a process by which a small group of employees are trained in the hopes that those employees will go on to train other employees. Train the Trainer does not work. Perhaps more accurately, Train the Trainer does not work on its own. Think back to elementary or middle school. Remember playing a little playground game called...

Custom Training on Software as a Service - access training anywhere

Importance of Custom Training on Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are becoming the industry standard. And it makes sense. Cloud Software has countless more benefits than on-premises software. Some of the benefits of SaaS include the following: Lowered capital expenditure Reduced operational expenditure in maintenance Decreased system downtime due to updates Decreased IT support tickets which free up IT to focus on key business initiatives Improved scalability Your team...

Oracle Sales Cloud Sales Call

From Lead to Customer in Oracle Sales Cloud

Moving a Contact through the Lead Generation Process in Oracle Sales Cloud Oracle Sales Cloud is a part of Oracle’s Customer Experience bundle. Oracle’s Customer Experience bundle combines all the software you need to manage your advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Oracle Sales Cloud is what is typically referred to as your Customer Relationship Management or CRM software. Unlike...