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Enterprise Cloud software updates quarterly and sometimes even monthly; and we make sure your training does too. We keep your training up to date for your Project Team, your Functional End Users, and your Self-Service Users.

Let’s talk about Training as a Service (TaaS)

Prebuilt for SaaS

Access thousands of pages of information, interactive simulations, job aids, quick reference guides—all available today on the latest release.

Role-Based Contextual Help

Build custom learning paths to guide users through training that is specific to an individual’s role at your company.

Embedded Performance Support

Provide guidance for your users at the point of need—right within the application itself.

Customizable Content

Make your training seamless with your production environment by having Maverick customize our content to match your implementation.

Interactive Simulations

Reinforce knowledge gained and learn by doing in a stand-alone training environment with zero risk of harming the production environment.

Constantly Updated Content

Be confident that content accessed on demand is in sync with the latest update.




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Maverick is able to customize both in the Oracle applications arena and outside on ancillary systems. They are more than willing to work with their customers with what is best for them. This stuff ROCKS!"

-Maverick Training Client



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ENGAGE Learn is our subscription-based training platform that is agile, customizable, and sustained to keep up with SaaS updates. We offer a large amount of searchable and customizable content that is self-paced and interactive.

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ENGAGE Live is Maverick’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)  that guides and assists users within the live environment in real time. It serves as a solution to improve user adoption by providing helpful tips for navigating the user’s software journey step by step.

These navigation tips are also based on the user’s job role and are contextual based on where the user is in the environment.

Our DAP also allows managers and administrators to see real-time insights about how their users are connecting with and using software on many different levels. These KPI’s give valuable intelligence to the business about how adoption and user proficiency is coming together.

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Learn how Training as a Service can help your enterprise succeed with ENGAGE Learn™ and ENGAGE Live™ by Maverick.

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