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Maverick Solutions’ Security Overview

Maverick Solutions is a SaaS provider. Our solutions are used by organizations of all sizes to train their employees on their enterprise software, first in a proprietary simulated environment completely separated from your actual system(s) and then with a Digital Adoption Platform in your production environments. Our software allows organizations to focus on instance development and business strategy, while Maverick focuses on getting users up to speed on the plethora of tools and capabilities of the software. Maverick Solutions’ software development team applies security best-practices at all points of the SDLC development process and leverages industry-leading infrastructure to provide the greatest security possible. All data in-transit is protected with a minimum of TLS v 1.2, and data at rest is protected with AES-256. All access to data stores is strictly controlled and monitored. 

Maverick Solutions’ Commitment to Trust and Transparency

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In today’s data security and privacy climate, Maverick knows that it’s more important than ever to have all the technical controls in place to invalidate any attempts of breach or compromise on our systems. But there is more to security and privacy safeguarding than technical controls. We pledge our commitment to truthful and transparent communication regarding our security practices, posture, and incidents with our clients, partners, and vendors openly as a sign of our commitment to those principles. 

Data Collection

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We are deeply invested in the practice of data minimization, the principle of least privilege, and the act of identity access management to ensure that we are at all times and in all ways reducing our data touchpoints both internally and externally. However, there is still a need and use for data when relevant and beneficent. Please view our DPA for more thorough information on what data we do collect and its purpose. 


Access to a production environment?!

Although our Engage Live product will be layered over your production environments, Maverick will be completely unable to read or write any data. Our Engage Live product is a Digital Adoption Platform and will use non-sensitive anchor points to help guide the user rather than directly interfacing with the environment. 

Our Engage Learn product is a proprietary standalone simulated environment and will only look and feel like your environment while containing no live data, giving your users effective and useful training without the fear that a small-but-critical change is being made to your production assets. 

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How do you create custom training?

We are able to achieve this, while still protecting your data, with a number of strategies: 

  • We ask that we are only given access to clone environments with no real data present. 
  • Should any data slip through or this cannot be accommodated for, our content development team is highly trained in spotting and removing any data prior to capture for content building. 
  • Multiple quality assurance steps are involved before the publication of content, to verify the accuracy and cleanliness of the content. 


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We take steps to protect the privacy of our customers and protect data stored within our possession. Some of the protections include authentication controls, least access controls, data transport encryption, data at-rest encryption, and multi-factor authentication. For additional information please see our Privacy Policy 

Access to Customer Data

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Only select and pre-determined Maverick staff have access to or interact with customer data or instances as part of normal operations. Customer data is access-controlled, and all access by Maverick staff is done on the basis of customer approval, government mandate, reason for access, actions taken by staff, or support start and end time. 

Compliance and Accessibility

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Maverick strives to enable all users to be able to access their training content delivered through our products in its full scope. We are proud to say that we are W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0 AA compliant. 

GDPR and Beyond

Maverick Solutions extends its commitment from its clients, partners, and vendors to all individuals in this modern era. We are proud to say that we adhere to the regulations set forth by GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), UK GDPR, Federal Act of Data Protection (FADP), and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as outlined in our DPA and SCC’s. 


Cookie Consent

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Please select from the options below to modify or revoke your consent to cookie use on our website. Please contact for any concerns or requests regarding your data.