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We help our clients provide the best possible healthcare to their patients. People not only expect a healthcare staff that communicates and shows compassion, but they also expect convenience from their healthcare providers. We help our clients meet their patients’ needs through effective and always updated training on their cloud-based solutions (like Oracle and Workday). Our model of training, Training as a Service, helps to improve workforce productivity, speed up the time to proficiency, and ultimately improve the quality of care.

We meet you and your organization’s needs wherever you are so you can focus on your patients.

Maverick has provided training to over 50 of the top healthcare organizations

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“The Maverick team is fun to work with and make it enjoyable to work on a project like this. Definitely recommend Maverick.

Maverick Healthcare Client – Revenue $2 Billion

Let’s Talk About About Training as a Service (TaaS)

Training Capabilities

Maverick Solutions’ training offering, ENGAGE, helps healthcare users learn and adopt enterprise software faster so they can focus on delivering excellent care.

Case Study

Learn how Maverick Solutions’ on-demand training prepared a healthcare organization to successfully adopt Oracle Cloud ERP with minimal interruptions.


Additional Resources

Access our resources to learn more about best practices for enterprise training at healthcare organizations, adult learning, and Training as a Service for Software as a Service.

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Our subscription-based training model, is agile, customizable, and sustainable. As your applications evolve, ENGAGE Learn training is continuously updated to support the training needs for both project teams and end users.
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ENGAGE Live, our performance support tool, offers customizable and contextual guidance within the application. We create and update in-app guidance as your applications evolve and as your business processes change.
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Optimizing Training for a Large Healthcare Client


A Healthcare organization was looking for a piece to their overall training solution. They met Maverick Solutions at an Oracle trade show and are a large organization made up of over 35,000 employees across hundreds of locations.

The organization realized that they had a lack of formal training and wanted to have quality training before they went live with the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud portion of Oracle. They already had a plan in place for vetting out training companies and knew what they needed.


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Healthcare Blogs

Our experts share how effective training can help healthcare organizations deliver excellent healthcare.

ENGAGE is everything you need to train your healthcare team!

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