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About Maverick Solutions

Our team here at Maverick Solutions takes the success of your organization seriously.  We deliver custom training experiences through our software that helps your teams get trained on your new systems, and software at scale.  We have training for your Project Team, your Functional End Users, and the Self-Service users. Our training works across all major SaaS applications like Oracle, Workday, SAP, Kronos, Salesforce, and more!

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Who We Are

Maverick Solutions has been providing training for Oracle and other Enterprise SaaS since 1999.  Traditional static training on an application that changes quarterly would not suffice. Thus, Maverick Solutions evolved to create Training as a Service, or TaaS. We maintain your training and your performance support tool quarterly so your organization can focus on your goals.

Our Training Methodology

What is different about Maverick Solutions?

Maverick Solutions is the only Enterprise software training provider that approaches training with a Training as a Service (TaaS) methodology. We support you and maintain your organization’s training content so it always matches your environment.


We can create user guides and interactive practice tutorials that look and function just like your environment. With Maverick Solutions, your team has training customized to your organization’s unique business processes and unique environment.

Our TaaS methodology increases your organization’s user adoption and helps you hit peak ROI on your Cloud software investment. Learn more about our offerings ENGAGE Learn and ENGAGE Live.

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