What’s a DAP? DAP stands for Digital Adoption Platform. Companies use a DAP to speed up user adoption of new enterprise software.

A DAP is an overlay on enterprise software (like Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, or Workday) that guides the users through the system. DAPs provide helpful tips in pop-up messages and step-by-step instructions through complex business processes. The DAP helps users in the live environment and helps companies to scale the adoption of a new software in less time.

Companies usually implement a DAP so that the user can get help in the moment, when they need it. This saves a lot of time and money.

In the video below, Maverick’s CEO and VP of Sales and Marketing explain more about DAP’s and why you need one.

Maverick Solutions has built Training as a Service (we call it ENGAGE by Maverick) specifically for ever changing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications (like Oracle Cloud, Workday, Salesforce, etc).

ENGAGE by Maverick, Maverick Solution’s Training as a Service offering is updated quarterly. It is fully customizable, comprehensive, and available 24/7/365. ENGAGE by Maverick is composed of ENGAGE Learn and ENGAGE Live.

ENGAGE Learn offers a full library of training content, customizable and interactive tutorials, and user guides available for all your users. We work with your team to build learning paths, customize training documentation to match your company’s unique business processes, and customize training to look like your SaaS application.

ENGAGE Live provides contextual, in-application guidance at the user’s point of need. our in-application tool can guide users step-by-step through complex business processes without navigating away from the application.

ENGAGE by Maverick helps companies see the following:

  • Decrease in IT support tickets.
  • Increase in user adoption.
  • Increase in user proficiency.
  • Increase in ROI on SaaS investment.

If you want to learn more about our Training as a Service offering, ENGAGE by Maverick, speak with one of our training experts today!

Read the transcription here:

Fred Von Canon 

My name is Fred Von Canon. I’m the founder and owner of Maverick Solutions. We’ve been doing corporate training for enterprise business software clients for over 20 years. 

Greg George 

My name is Greg George, I’m Vice President of Sales and Marketing here at Maverick and I have been selling and marketing technology for about 15 years. 

Fred Von Canon  

What is the digital adoption platform? Well, a digital adoption platform is a software platform that allows you to overlay an enterprise business system like Oracle, or workday, or SAP or Salesforce, with some software on top of it that allows different things to happen. It allows you to have little pop ups, task lists, things that can actually looks like it’s almost in the software that you’re doing or on your operating system, but it’s a separate overlay. But with that you can do a lot of things with digital adoption. So it’s a software platform that allows you to embed and into a live system. Some cool things that will help you kind of as guardrails are, are linked directly through a system. 

Greg George 

Yeah, I think something we see a lot or hear a lot is companies that are implementing digital adoption platforms is that they want their users to be able to get help in the moment. And the challenge is if I’m a user, not being able to access help, or having a request a support ticket, and waiting 24 hours for that to come around is not a good use of my time. And if I’m in my day-to-day activity, you need help in the software, the digital adoption platform enables the users to be able to get that help right at the moment and then be able to immediately do whatever tasks that they were trying to do in the first place. So it’s a great scalable way for companies to adopt software without a lot of change management and support. 

Fred Von Canon  

And in the support realm, a lot of times it was early on called performance support. If you think about it from that standpoint, it takes a lot of the, level one Help Desk tasks away, if you do this correctly, if you find that there’s a lot of errors, or a lot of people stopping at a certain point in the transaction, because they don’t know what to do, you can have a little pop up there, you can have window that will just say “hey, use this code or something here” or “don’t use this” you can do some things there, that would help save a lot of hassle on your support team. So it’s performance support is another name for digital adoption. And I think I like that name a lot because it talks about the support aspect of it. 

Greg George 

And in a layman’s terms kind of scenario, it’s like GPS, you want to go to a destination you never been to you don’t need to know how to fix your car. You don’t need to know how to operate the GPS system. You just need to know how to put the address and get there. That’s what the digital adoption allows you to do is to get where you need to go with as few or as little effort as possible. 

Greg George 

If you’d like to learn more about Engage Live or Maverick Solutions, please visit us on our website at MaverickSolutions.com. Thanks for watching.