Before we dive into the topic of why Maverick Learning Consultants are important to your enterprise cloud implementation, I want you to take a few minutes to think about all the good people who helped mold and shape you into the successful person you are today. These could be your best friend growing up, your favorite school professor, the coach of your sports team, or a mentor that took you under their wing. 

Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

This is your list of champions. They are the ones in your corner who encourage you to be your best. While they each may have come from various backgrounds and play distinct roles in your life, they share a few impactful similarities: 

  • They are looking out for your best interests – they want you to succeed 
  • They have been down the road before and can help you avoid costly mistakes 
  • They take the time to understand you and get to know you on a deeper level 
  • They see clear paths in situations that might derail your progress 
  • They celebrate your wins and love seeing you in the spotlight

Suddenly, you’re snapped back to today and all the demands of the world are right in front of you again. Remember that enterprise cloud software implementation – yes, that one. There’s so much to do and so many things that need to be accounted for.  

You have the technical aspects of getting everything ready and all the data migrated. You must configure the new application, so it follows your unique business processes. All of the teams need to be trained on the new software… 

All of the teams need to be trained on the new software! 

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This is where Maverick’s Learning Consultants come in. Remember that list of champions you came up with who are supporting you and cheering you on? Now, you can add Maverick’s Learning Consultants to that list. 

Looking Out for Your Best Interests 

Our Learning Consultants are driven by helping others achieve their best. They understand the complexity and stress of an enterprise cloud implementation and since they’ve been through many of them, they know exactly where to step in and be your calming voice in the storm. 

They also know the key to a successful enterprise SaaS implementation is making sure that everyone within the organization is trained and equipped to get the most ROI out of your software investment. It’s no surprise that many of them came from teaching and curriculum development backgrounds because getting training right is vital to the success of any organization. 

We know that every enterprise cloud implementation is unique but there are certain check points and milestones throughout the project that are similar. It’s at these check points that Maverick’s Learning Consultants shine. By walking with you through the entirety of the implementation, our team engages with you to design, prototype, test, and deploy a customized learning solution that looks out for the best interests of your team and organization.  

Avoiding Costly Mistakes 

Maverick’s Learning Consultants have unique views into training analytics from our Engage Learn and Engage Live integrations which means they can help you avoid costly training mistakes. Through many years of developing learning programs for various clients, our Learning Consultants have seen it all and can speak directly to what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.  

Utilizing various levels of analytics, Maverick’s Learning Consultants pay close attention to popular searches, IT Support Tickets, HR requests (that should be self-service), and even transaction errors, so they can accurately guide your learning development plan specific to your workforce. By analyzing these reference points, they can suggest customized content to help your workforce be efficient and effective daily and reduce cross-departmental dependencies for items that may only pop up a couple times per year. 

Let’s revisit your list of champions from the beginning of this article. How many of them seemed to know you better than you knew yourself when you were growing up?  

They knew that to be successful, you needed some sort of path that you could follow to get the most out of your efforts and stay focused on improving – without it, you would never finish the race strong. Learning Consultants understand that enterprise software implementations are a lot like a marathon and without a proper training plan, you may eventually wind up at the finish line, but it will be a struggle to get there. You’ll spend a lot more money and the ROI will be mostly non-existent. 

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Understanding Your Specific Needs 

Learning Consultants, much like your champions, take the time to get to know you, your teams, and your enterprise software implementation. They walk through how your instance will be set up and what changes you are making so the new software fits your organizational processes. By diving in with you and getting to the microscopic level, Maverick’s Learning Consultants can pinpoint exactly what blend of standard learning content and custom developed content you will need. 

Standard learning content consists of our library of over 5,000 different topics and tutorials that encompass variations of different processes across organizations. Part of understanding your specific needs is figuring out which of these, usually around 500, work for your specific enterprise software implementation. 

Because our Learning Consultants are looking out for your best interests and want you to avoid costly mistakes, they can work directly with you and your teams to nail down those unique processes that have various exceptions. From here, they develop highly specialized custom training content so your workforce can understand the thought process behind and the appropriate steps to accurately carry out these highly specialized transactions. 

Finding the Road Through 

One of the big challenges with any type of software, let alone enterprise software, is the regular flow of updates. When SaaS companies update their software, sometimes that forces process changes or at least hinders efficiency within a department as the typical flows might look and feel different than the previous day. 

Don’t fret. Our Learning Consultants have a plan to help keep your workforce on track and moving through this tough time. They stay ahead of the update curve and walk your team through what will be different, how it will affect your teams, and get any changes adjusted in your curriculum so that your workforce can be ready when the update rolls out. 

Just like your champions who can see beyond the present situation, Maverick’s Learning Consultants see the rough patch up ahead and execute a plan, so your progress is not interrupted. 

Celebrating Your Wins 

After Maverick’s Learning Consultants have walked with you through the chaos that is an enterprise cloud implementation, it’s finally time.  

It’s go-live! 

Everything has come together. The system is configured, data is migrated, organizational processes have been solidified, and all teams received the training needed to be efficient, effective, and successful in their daily activities. Our Learning Consultants are there, cheering you on as you cross the project finish line. But they also understand that the real race is just beginning. 

Maverick’s Learning Consultants will continue to partner with you and constantly work to improve your training program. This is where the real ROI impact becomes visible, and they will be right behind you, cheering on your success. 

From the start, Maverick’s Learning Consultants will help you identify and clarify needs, plan for all scenarios, and guide you and your teams through the implementation. They are experts in designing curriculums and training plans to help your teams and organization get the most out of your cloud software investments so you can see the greatest return on your enterprise software investment. 

Want to see what it’s like to have a Maverick champion on your team? Sign up for your free cloud training assessment today and talk with a Maverick Learning Consultant. Find out what all the excitement is about and add another champion to your team.