Enterprise Cloud implementations have become a strategic priority for organizations seeking to leverage the benefits of moving to the Cloud. However, the success of such implementations is not solely dependent on choosing the right Cloud platform or deploying the most advanced technologies.  

The standard, traditional training that most organizations provide creates knowledge gaps between theory and application for learners. Investing in real training for your employees plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition to the Cloud and maximizing the return on your software investment. In this blog post, we will define real training, explore the significance of real training in enterprise Cloud implementations, and discuss how it empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their Cloud investments.  

What is Real Training? 

Traditional methods of training are static, point-in-time lessons without much, if any, practical application. On the opposite side of the spectrum are digital adoption platforms (DAPs) that provide steps and guidance in real time but lack the ability to provide the user with an understanding of the “why” behind the action.  

Many organizations choose one or the other and simply check the box that says their employees have received training. In either case, learners are only receiving part of what they need to be successful in their daily roles which leads to frustration, user errors, resistance to using the solution, and ultimately a poor return on investment (ROI) for the organization. 

Real training provides employees with both theory and application in a manner that is relevant and meaningful, so they are able to utilize your Cloud software to its fullest potential. By combining digital training and a digital adoption platform, users are able to navigate the system for their daily activities but are also equipped to extend beyond that and think critically if exceptions arise.  

Real training, which is the combination of on-demand training and point-of-need, in-app guidance, can help your business to accomplish the following:  

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  • Enhanced user adoption 
  • Improved data accuracy and processing 
  • Reduced errors and rework time  
  • Optimized system utilization 
  • Enhanced efficiency in change management and reduced user resistance to the new software  
  • Continued support and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of your Cloud software  

Enhancing User Adoption 

One of the primary reasons why enterprise Cloud implementations fail is a lack of user adoption. Even the most powerful Cloud solutions will not yield the desired results if employees are not properly trained in how to effectively use the new system.  

Real training provides employees with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the enterprise Cloud platform, understand its functionalities, and leverage its features to enhance their productivity. By fostering user confidence and competence, training increases user adoption rates, ensuring that employees embrace the Cloud system as an integral part of their daily workflow. 

Improving Data Accuracy and Processing 

Accurate data is an essential component of any successful enterprise, and Cloud applications heavily rely on data for seamless operations. Without proper training, employees may struggle with data entry and processing in the Cloud environment, leading to errors, inconsistencies, unreliable reporting, and ultimately, operational inefficiencies that impact the success of the implementation and organization.    

Real training equips employees with a comprehensive understanding of data management best practices, ensuring that data is entered accurately and processed efficiently. By minimizing errors and maintaining data integrity, real training enhances the decision-making process and enables organizations to leverage actionable insights derived from reliable data. 

Reducing Errors and Rework 

Inadequate training can result in increased errors and rework, as employees may lack familiarity with proper processes, procedures, and system functionalities. This can lead to wasted time, effort, and resources in correcting errors and reworking tasks. As these issues compound, this will lead to delays, frustration, and reduced productivity.  

Real training mitigates these risks by providing employees with hands-on experience and practical guidance on using the enterprise Cloud platform. By equipping users with the necessary skills, real training reduces the likelihood of errors, minimizes rework, and improves overall efficiency. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also enhances employee satisfaction by empowering them to perform their tasks effectively. 

Optimizing System Utilization 

Enterprise Cloud platforms often offer a multitude of modules and features designed to streamline business processes and enhance productivity through efficiency. However, without proper training, employees may only scratch the surface of the platform’s capabilities, limiting its potential impact. This can result in missed opportunities for process improvements and reduce the ROI from the enterprise Cloud implementation.   

Real training enables employees to explore and understand the full range of functionalities offered by the Cloud system and, beyond that, how to navigate and operate the application to its fullest ability. This comprehensive knowledge combined with a bias toward action empowers them to leverage advanced features, automate workflows, and optimize business processes, leading to improved efficiency and a higher ROI. 

Managing Change and Overcoming User Resistance 

Implementing an enterprise Cloud solution often involves significant changes in business processes, roles, and responsibilities. Without adequate training and preparation, employees may resist these changes and therefore resist using the application. Failing to embrace change and adopt the software can significantly hinder a successful cloud implementation.   

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Real training helps organizations address this challenge by providing employees with the necessary insights, context, and support to adapt to the new system. By highlighting the benefits, addressing concerns, and offering ongoing training and guidance, organizations can foster a positive attitude towards change, promote user acceptance and adoption, and facilitate a smooth transition to the Cloud. 

Ensuring Continued Support and Maintenance 

Cloud implementations require continuous support and maintenance to ensure optimal system performance. If supporting users are not trained on how to perform routine system maintenance tasks or troubleshoot common issues, it can result in system performance degradation, downtime, and operational disruptions, leading to enterprise Cloud implementation failure. 

Real training equips your support staff with the knowledge and skills to perform routine maintenance tasks, troubleshoot common issues, and seek appropriate assistance when needed. This reduces reliance on external support and empowers employees to take ownership of the system’s ongoing upkeep, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. By investing in training that covers not only initial implementation but also long-term support, organizations can safeguard the success and longevity of their enterprise Cloud solution. 

Maverick Provides Real Training 

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise Cloud implementations, real training emerges as a crucial factor for success. Organizations must recognize the significance of providing real training for their employees to fully realize the benefits of their Cloud investments. Through comprehensive, interactive training, employees gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to embrace the Cloud, improve data accuracy, reduce errors, optimize system utilization, manage change, and provide ongoing support. 

Maverick Solutions offers a unique combination of digital training and digital adoption, providing real training for your workforce. Our digital training platform, ENGAGE Learn, offers interactive, step-by-step tutorials, allowing your users to practice transactions and role-specific processes in a simulated environment that looks and feels just like the one they will use in production. This on-demand training gives your workforce the insight and context to manage change and overcome resistance, the ability to explore the full range of system functionality to optimize utilization, and the knowledge to support and maintain your enterprise Cloud implementation. 

 In addition to digital training, Maverick’s DAP, ENGAGE Live, gives your employees point-of-need, in-app guidance to enhance user adoption, reduce errors and rework, and improve data accuracy and processing. When great leaders combine digital training and digital adoption, they position their workforce to succeed in their daily roles, increase job satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.  

In conclusion, the success of your enterprise Cloud implementation heavily relies on providing real training to your workforce. By investing in comprehensive training platforms, like Maverick’s Digital Training Platform, ENGAGE Learn, and Digital Adoption Platform, ENGAGE Live, organizations can drive user adoption, improve data accuracy, reduce errors, optimize system utilization, manage change effectively, and provide ongoing support. Real training empowers employees to leverage the full potential of Cloud technologies, enabling organizations to unlock the numerous benefits offered by the Cloud and stay competitive in a digital-first world. 

Don’t take our word for it, request a demo of ENGAGE Learn and ENGAGE Live today and see for yourself how great leaders at top organizations provide real training.