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How does Instructor Led Training affect SaaS

How does SaaS Affect Instructor Led Training (ILT)

The training requirements differ for on-premises software and Cloud software. On-premises software does not change until you and your team decide to purchase the newest update. Cloud software is updated at least four times a year. Go-live training and instructor-led training are enough to get your teams trained for on-premises software because the application does not change. For Cloud software, however, instructor-led training is not enough.

Watch Jenn Broderick, our Customer Success Manager, and Red Payne, our Learning Consultant and expert in adult learning, answer how Software as a Service affects the success of instructor-led training sessions.

Maverick Solutions has built training specifically for Oracle Cloud software in mind. ENGAGE by Maverick, Maverick Solution’s Training as a Service offering, is updated quarterly. It is fully customizable, comprehensive, and available 34/7/365. We work with your team to build learning paths, customize training documentation to match your company’s unique business processes, and customize training to look and function like your instance of Oracle Cloud.

And because training is not always the answer to every user’s software issues, your teams can also use the in-app features of ENGAGE by Maverick. Our in-application tool can guide users step-by-step through complex business processes.

ENGAGE by Maverick helps companies see the following:

  • Decrease in IT support tickets.
  • Increase in user adoption.
  • Increase in user proficiency.
  • Increase in ROI on Oracle Cloud investment.

If you want to learn more about our Training as a Service offering, ENGAGE by Maverick, speak with one of our training experts today!

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