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How does SaaS Affect Instructor Led Training (ILT) – [Video]

The training requirements differ for on-premises software and Cloud software. On-premises software does not change until you and your team decide to purchase the newest update. Cloud software is updated at least four times a year. Go-live training and instructor-led training are enough to get your teams trained for on-premises software because the application does not change. For Cloud software, however, instructor-led training is not enough.

Watch Jenn Broderick, our Customer Success Manager, and Red Payne, our Learning Consultant and expert in adult learning, answer how Software as a Service affects the success of instructor-led training sessions.

Maverick Solutions has built Training as a Service (we call it ENGAGE by Maverick) specifically for ever changing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications (like Oracle Cloud, Workday, Salesforce, etc).

ENGAGE by Maverick, Maverick Solution’s Training as a Service offering, is updated quarterly. It is fully customizable, comprehensive, and available 24/7/365. ENGAGE by Maverick is composed of ENGAGE Learn and ENGAGE Live.

ENGAGE Learn offers a full library of training content, customizable and interactive tutorials, and user guides available for all your users. We work with your team to build learning paths, customize training documentation to match your company’s unique business processes, and customize training to look like your SaaS application.

ENGAGE Live provides contextual, in-application guidance at the user’s point of need. our in-application tool can guide users step-by-step through complex business processes without navigating away from the application.

ENGAGE by Maverick helps companies see the following:

  • Decrease in IT support tickets.
  • Increase in user adoption.
  • Increase in user proficiency.
  • Increase in ROI on SaaS investment.


If you want to learn more about our Training as a Service offering, ENGAGE by Maverick, speak with one of our training experts today!


Read the transcription here:


Hey y’all Jen Broderick here with customer success at Maverick Solutions. 


Hi everyone red pain, the learning consultant here at Maverick. 


Red. I have a question for you. Can you explain to me what instructor led training looks like? 


So when I think about instructor led training, I think about a one time event, we sort of bring everybody into a physical location, it’s kind of static, it’s about that moment in time, I think about a lot of hard copy, you know, job aids, or quick reference guides, making big manual so that when you left this one time event, you walked away with all these handouts in this big book, to take back to your desk and, you know, do your job when? 


So what I’m hearing you say is that ILT is dead. Is that right? 


Yes, Jen, is specifically in this SaaS space where you’re talking about that cloud environment. It’s not sustainable. It’s really not offering adult learners what they need to be successful. Adult learners need control or input into their learning process. It’s not necessarily giving them a safe place to practice. Again, I think back to that, big manuals we used to make, or all these paper handouts that we gave, it doesn’t help the learner in real time, understand whatever process they’re trying to do, or whatever role they’re taking on. And it’s not sustainable for new hires. It’s not sustainable for job role changes, we went to that learning event, it was one time, right. And then every other person that comes in behind that training event, is really relying on that information to be retold to them, instead of actually getting to experience it themselves. 


What would your overall recommendation be? 


For training, my overall recommendation for training would be again, just in time, as I’m learning about a process or I’ve recently had a role change, I’m getting that information in real time. I think it’s about offering, again, adult learners the opportunity to be involved in their learning, they need a safe environment to practice that learning in, that’s always on that’s always on demand. That’s not necessarily having to be reset or had a bunch of dummy data put into it. Rather than building up someone for tribal knowledge. I think you really should focus on building up a good business champion and good business processes. So that even if a person leaves the organization, they’re not taking that tribal knowledge with them, and that it is sustainable, and it can keep going. And again, I think you really have to apply the same mindset that you apply when you chose that cloud technology, to the training and learning that goes with that implementation of that cloud technology. 


Well, folks, you’ve heard it, hear from our expert. If you need support along your implementation journey, we’re here to support you just reach out to us here at Maverick. 

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