You probably already know this, but traditional training on (untraditional) Software as a Service (SaaS) does not work.

Traditional training on SaaS (Oracle Cloud, Workday, Salesforce, Kronos, etc.) means scheduling training sessions every time the software updates. It means spending way more money on training for your SaaS because training has to be updated with each software update.

There’s an easier way!

Training as a Service is a new method of delivering training customized content as a subscription, and is updated regularly (quarterly in most cases)  to accommodate to solve for constantly changing Software as a Service. We create, customize, and update your training, so your team doesn’t have to! Training as a Service has a huge effect on ROI for your software investment and can greatly increase user adoption.

Wanna learn more? Maverick’s owner and founder explains Training as a Service in the video below. Just click play.

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“My name is Fred Von-Canon. I am the founder and owner of Maverick Solutions. Founded Maverick in 1999 after having worked for Oracle University for a couple years. So been doing Oracle training and only Oracle training for, well, this is our 22nd year. 

I think the impact that training as a service can have is, probably the biggest one is ROI. So, when, when clients buy cloud software from Oracle, for instance, they’re they’re buying the, the use case of ROI. Overall this is going to save you dollars. They know that if there’s not user adoption. That’s the biggest reason that big projects fail. User adoption, and getting the buy in, that change management and training piece, is so huge to get the your employees to actually use the software. If they don’t, you can have a great solution, and spend 10s of millions of dollars doing it but if they don’t buy in, it’s, you just wasted all that time and money.”



Maverick Solutions has built Training as a Service (we call it ENGAGE by Maverick) specifically for ever changing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications (like Oracle Cloud, Workday, Salesforce, etc).


What is Training as a Service



ENGAGE by Maverick, Maverick Solution’s Training as a Service offering, is updated quarterly. It is fully customizable, comprehensive, and available 24/7/365. ENGAGE by Maverick is composed of ENGAGE Learn and ENGAGE Live.

ENGAGE Learn offers a full library of training content, customizable and interactive tutorials, and user guides available for all your users. We work with your team to build learning paths, customize training documentation to match your company’s unique business processes, and customize training to look like your SaaS application.

ENGAGE Live provides contextual, in-application guidance at the user’s point of need. our in-application tool can guide users step-by-step through complex business processes without navigating away from the application.

ENGAGE by Maverick helps companies see the following:

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  • Decrease in IT support tickets.
  • Increase in user adoption.
  • Increase in user proficiency.
  • Increase in ROI on SaaS investment.

If you want to learn more about our Training as a Service offering, ENGAGE by Maverick, speak with one of our training experts today!


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