Today’s workforce is undergoing a digital revolution; in which organizations are constantly trying to keep up with ever-evolving technologies and software. And while these new shiny tools seem exciting and promising, they only return real value if your team can effectively utilize them. This is where digital adoption comes in – the magic that transforms your enterprise software into powerful business assets. 

But how can we ensure digital adoption and unlock user adoption to get that ROI we are striving for?

Great question – by practicing Data-Driven Adoption.

According to a 2022 study by Symphony Talent, 82% of companies struggle with digital adoption. This means that a large majority of companies are having difficulty getting their employees to use new digital technologies and processes effectively. A common reason that companies struggle with their digital adoption is because they fail to provide ample training and support to their employees. New technologies are often complex and difficult to learn, and not providing your workforce with the resources they need can have significant consequences.  

To ensure that your organization will achieve a successful digital adoption and avoid falling behind your competitors, you need to take a data-driven approach. Data-driven adoption leverages your own users’ data to see what areas and user groups need assistance and to what capacity, allowing you to proactively address their needs and optimize their user experience. Think of your data as the “map” that helps your team navigate your software, identify roadblocks, customize training content, and ultimately drive higher adoption rates. 

What Does Data Tell Us? 

But we have so. much. data!

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We know! And trying to sift through all of it to figure out what you can (and more importantly – should) use is a lot of work.

So, what kind of data are we talking about? The following table outlines key areas that data-driven digital adoption focuses on, what that data indicates, and a suggested training solution to enhance user adoption. 

Area  Type of data   What the data indicates  Training solution 
User Activity   Specific feature usage metrics, task completion rates, and total time spent on specific functionalities  Identifies the parts of your software that users are struggling with  Create and deploy in-app training to appear in real time when users are working on the specific task, or provide practice tutorials for the feature  
Learning Engagement  Completion rates of online training materials and time spent on specific topics  Shows which training modules have high drop-off rates   Provide interactive tutorials that make the training more engaging 
Knowledge Retention  Indicators that users are applying knowledge they’ve learned in their daily work, including data from assessments  Reveals knowledge gaps and informs the need for additional support resources  Develop quick reference guides or other training materials for the necessary process or task 
Sentiment Analysis   User feedback in surveys, support tickets, and other forms of communication   Reveals frustrations and pain points with the new software   Address common user concerns and improve the overall user experience with the use of in-application support  


Data-Driven Adoption Tools 

Now that we’ve discussed the types of user data that are analyzed and what you can glean from it, the next step is investing in tools and platforms that can improve your organization’s digital adoption.  

Here are some platforms that can help: 

  • Digital Training Platforms: Platforms that provide users with opportunities to walk through workflow steps, read resource guides, and put actual hands on keys with simulated environments that mirror the complexities of your production environment. These platforms are also able to capture valuable user data on learning progress, completion rates, and knowledge retention. 
  • Digital Adoption Platforms: Platforms that provide users with in-application support and guidance in real time. These platforms allow you to provide field input instructions, guided walkthrough pop-ups, and more. These platforms are also able to provide insight into software and specific feature usage, navigation patterns, guidance search trends, and potential roadblocks. 

Digital Training Platforms  

Digital training platforms can help your users gain invaluable experience before moving into your live environment, by reading informative topic documents and practicing step-by-step tutorials in a safe and simulated environment. Digital training platforms give your users an in-depth understanding of your new technology before they are tasked with using it. These platforms are able to bridge the gap between traditional training methods and real-world application, resulting in your users feeling more comfortable and confident when they are tasked with performing a transaction within the actual live environment.  

Digital training platforms also provide insight into users’ learning progress, revealing which learning assignments they complete and which training modules they view.  

Digital Adoption Platforms  

Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) can significantly improve your organization’s digital adoption, by providing users with on-demand, in-application guidance when they need it the most. With a DAP, you can program help resources to appear on a certain page and walk users through the steps of a particular process. They can also be used to provide additional information for input fields, such as ones that are common recipients of bad data.  

A DAP that tracks users’ patterns and behaviors can easily indicate where your users are having trouble within the application. This can help you better understand the needs of your users and customize training content and help resources to address their needs.  

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In the instance of multi-cloud environments, DAPs, like Maverick’s ENGAGE Live, can even help organizations drive cross-application and cross-cloud adoption, providing additional data to assess end-to-end adoption and identifying key trouble spots that might need some work. 

How Maverick’s ENGAGE Drives Digital Adoption 

Maverick Solutions’ offerings include a digital training platform, ENGAGE Learn, and a digital adoption platform, ENGAGE Live.  

ENGAGE Learn offers your workforce access to countless informative topic documents, interactive step-by-step tutorials, and role-specific learning paths catered to your users’ needs. Our training can be tailored to the specific needs of your employees, the processes they are asked to perform, and the technology they are asked to use.  

ENGAGE Live offers guidance integrated into your environment, allowing for in-application support for users in real time. Some of the use cases for ENGAGE Live are listed below:  

  • Inform users of new features, changes to process, or required tasks and compliance via pop-up announcements 
  • Guide users through step-by-step business processes via contextual workflows  
  • Assist users with field input entries via field validation and tooltip features  
  • Provide users with support resources and links to external content via checklists 

ENGAGE Live also offers data-driven insights into your users’ behaviors and trouble spots so you can see where your users need the most support.  

Real World Example  

Enough talk about theory – show me what it all means!


During an analysis of IT Support Tickets, a well-known collegiate organization discovered a large data integrity issue with some of the registration fields on their supplier profiles. As suppliers registered within the portal, data entered in the fields was inaccurate and many times inconsistent (think of different date formats, or spelling inconsistencies, for example).

Due to this issue, multiple accounts were being created and the Master Data team was spending a lot of time cleaning up and merging duplicates and all of their affected processes.

Because they were partnered with Maverick, we were able to add tooltips and validations containing contextual information about the fields to support users when they accessed that page. Not only did their usage rate skyrocket as their partners gained confidence with the system and comfort with the process, our client also affirmed that their IT Support and Master Data teams experienced less support tickets as well as a decreased need for rework due to the new assets that Maverick created. 


As the world changes, so do our workplaces – it’s no longer strictly digital transformation, it’s the new digital workforce. Utilizing digital training and adoption platforms ensures that your organization increases their rate of digital adoption and stays on top of impending shifts and trends within your industry. Data-driven adoption is the key to unlocking the full potential of your new technology. Investing in effective data-driven training resources for your employees is investing in the future of your company. 

What are you waiting for!?  

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