Having a happy client during a complex software rollout is not solely based on the implementation itself, but how the users adopt and adapt to the system you are implementing. After all, if users don’t know how to navigate and use the system, your clients won’t see the ROI on the software.

As an implementer, you should be able to focus on implementing the software according to your client’s needs. With Maverick Solutions as your training partner, you can rest assured users will be trained so you can focus on the implementation.

How does a well-trained client spell SUCCESS for you and your organization?


Improved Client Satisfaction


It’s difficult to keep teams trained on software that is constantly changing. Traditional ways of training (printed manuals and go-live training) aren’t sufficient after the software has updated a few times.
Training must be maintained to match the software so your clients can continue to be successful long after go-live. Your team has to consider the effect that training (or lack of training) has on your customer satisfaction.

At Maverick Solutions, we created Training as a Service (TaaS) to accommodate the constant updates of Software as a Service (SaaS). We provide multiple modes of training, and we update the training to match the software. This keeps users trained and clients happy.

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Improved client satisfaction leads to better reviews and more business through referrals for you and your team.

Increased Bottom Line


When you partner with Maverick Solutions, you can upsell the training we create. This leads to an increased bottom line for you, your team, and your company. Enough said, right?

Less Work


Like most implementation companies, your team is likely still training the traditional way. Your team may be putting together some manuals and leading go-live training sessions.

With Maverick Solutions, you can offload all that work. Let us handle the training so you and your team can get back to what you all excel at: implementing the software.

More Wins


People are starting to realize the importance of training within an organizational change management plan. As you and your team submit RFPs, prospects are looking to see if training is a part of the proposal. Future clients are looking for an implementer who can help them succeed long after go-live. With Maverick Solutions as your training partner, you and your team have the differentiator that leads to more wins.

The Value of ENGAGE Across Industries

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Maverick Solutions has helped major organizations in the healthcare, public sector, higher education, and energy fields, among many more. We’ve helped organizations optimize user adoption even when their workforce was spread out across hundreds of locations around the world. ENGAGE by Maverick has improved productivity, reduced time needed for onboarding, and reduced training and support costs.

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