Today’s business landscape is constantly changing and evolving. It seems like new technologies or updated software programs are emerging every week, and the skills that were once needed for success are quickly becoming obsolete. To ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve, your workforce must be provided with opportunities to upskill and reskill. 

Digital training is a key part of successfully upskilling and reskilling your workforce. Digital training is any type of training that is delivered using digital technologies, including: 

  • E-learning courses 
  • Video tutorials 
  • Step-by-step simulations 
  • Gamification of learning 

What is Upskilling and Reskilling?

“Upskilling” refers to training that expands on an employee’s existing skillset and aims to avoid skill gaps in their current role. For example, a software developer may need to learn a new programming language to stay up to date in their field.  

“Reskilling” refers to training an employee in completely new skills to prepare them for a new position. For example, a newspaper editor may need to learn social media content creation to transfer into a new department. Reskilling allows organizations to retain valuable workers if their positions or roles were to become obsolete.  

How Can Digital Training Help Upskill and Reskill My Organization’s Workforce? 

The success of upskilling and reskilling your workforce hinges on the effectiveness of your employee training. Digital training has many advantages over traditional training methods, including increased flexibility on when and where employees receive their training, increased employee engagement and interaction, and increased savings. 

A digital training platform can assist your business’ upskilling and reskilling efforts by: 

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  • Reducing employee skill gaps  
  • Improving employee engagement and retention 
  • Enhancing employee productivity and accuracy  
  • Ensuring that your workforce remains competitive by evolving alongside current trends and skill requirements  

Reducing employee skill gaps  

Digitial training programs can help your organization minimize skill gaps, by providing employees with on-demand resources needed to meet their current job requirements and stay ahead of any future challenges.  

Digital training plays a pivotal role in the upskilling process, by providing on-demand learning experiences for your workforce. It ensures that employees learn new skills and understand how to use them effectively in their roles. 

On-demand learning experiences benefit your workforce by: 

  • Enhancing employees’ existing knowledge 
  • Enabling employees to gain proficiency 
  • Providing opportunity for practical application of their newly acquired skills 

Improving employee engagement and retention 

Providing training just to provide training can result in employees learning irrelevant skills that may never even utilize. Providing training that is customized to fit your employees’ unique needs and skillsets helps not only maximize value and usage of your training software, but also shows your employees that the training is being delivered with them in mind.  

Any type of change can be stressful, so providing your workforce with ample resources and practice opportunities helps minimize the stress that accompanies changes in job roles, responsibilities, and work processes. It is even better if the provided training is interactive, engaging, and tailored to the individual learner’s needs. When learners are actively engaged in their training, they are more likely to retain the information they learn. 

Digital training solutions also provide learners with the ability to choose the training output that works the best for them. No two employees will learn the same way, so the more learning opportunities provided, the more effective your organization’s training will be.  

Choosing a digital training platform that offers a variety of learning experiences is critical for your organization’s success. Some popular digital learning outputs are listed below: 

  • Quick reference guides 
  • Step-by-step simulations 
  • In-application support 

Improving productivity and accuracy  

Effective digital training programs are designed around practical application and interactive learning experiences, so employees can easily transfer their newly learned skillset into real-world, everyday scenarios. A digital training platform that offers employees the opportunity to walk through an unfamiliar process in a safe practice environment will empower them to feel confident when they are tasked with performing the new process within the live environment.  

Staying up to date on evolving trends 

Digital training provides ongoing support, rather than just a one-time training session. This can help employees better retain information and stay up to date on future changes. Providing continuous support and reinforcement through follow-up training modules, on demand access to learning resources, and in-application support, ensures that your organization’s upskilling and reskilling efforts will result in long-term success.  

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Maximize Your Upskilling and Reskilling Efforts with Digital Training  

Upskilling and reskilling your workforce is essential to ensuring your organization is evolving alongside the current business landscape, not falling victim to it.  

It’s clear that utilizing an effective digital training program can help your organization maximize the value of your upskilling and reskilling efforts. An effective digital training program can provide long-lasting results by reducing employee skill gaps, improving employee engagement and retention, enhancing employee productivity and accuracy, and ensuring that your workforce stays competitive and up to date on current trends. 

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