What do parking your car, eating lunch, and locking your door all have in common? Someone has used technology to make them easier, faster, or more convenient.

In today’s world of using technology to help us do…well, everything, we have to wonder why more people aren’t using Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC). Do they enjoy responding to the same question multiple times? Perhaps they want an excuse to spend more time at work to avoid the racket coming from the upstairs apartment.

On the off chance you’re an HR professional who does not want to spend more time at work, and you’d prefer to make your life easier, we have some good news—Oracle Recruiting Cloud can automate your recruiting process and deliver the results your business needs.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud Works for Employers

Perhaps the first factor in determining if a system is worth investing in is learning what it can do for your employees. A product needs to accomplish the company goals and make employee lives easier, and ORC does just that.

Automate Your Recruiting Process Oracle Cloud

Reach more people; reach the right people

Oracle Recruiting Cloud makes getting your company’s open position in front of job seekers a breeze. The application has options for you to post a requisition to an external job board, share it with social media and email, and even invite qualified candidates.

When you define specific criteria, the application will return an Invite List, a list of people in the company’s system who match those benchmarks. With the click of the Send Invite button, you can email those candidates and invite them to apply. The application even sorts the list in order of recommendation!

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If you prefer to have professional help, you can connect with an outside hiring agency to help you find candidates. With Oracle Recruiting Cloud, staffing agents can connect through an agency portal to interact with requisitions and refer candidates.

With so many eyes on your position, the question becomes: how will you sort through the additional applications and find the right candidate for the company? ORC can help with that, too. Yes, you could review every application in the order it was received, or you could let the application do some of the heavy lifting.

Prescreening questions are not uncommon these days. With ORC, a recruiter can set some prescreening questions as disqualification questions. When a candidate answers the questions during the application process, ORC will automatically disqualify applicants whose answers do not meet the recruiter’s specifications.

An indirect benefit to ORC is the impact it can have on your current employees. Company employees are automatically included in the potential candidate pool. Hiring from within your organization promotes career development, increases retention, and decreases hiring times.

Automate Your Recruiting Process and Save Time

When you’re looking for new employees, time is one thing you can’t waste. Candidates are undoubtedly applying to more than one company, and a delayed response could just cost you a qualified new team member. To prevent such catastrophes, ORC includes some helpful features.

First, the application is mobile-friendly. Gone are the days when you had to worry about a day of travel pulling you away from your computer. You can use Oracle Recruiting on your phone and take care of those time-sensitive issues.

Because ORC can handle all aspects of the hiring process, from creating the requisition and promoting it to sending a job offer, the data obtained can be used to make improvements. The system can identify bottlenecks in the process so companies can make changes to both increase efficiency and convenience.

Another feature that will save you time is the interview schedule settings. Recruiters have the option to use hiring team managed or candidate managed settings. Candidates are able to cancel scheduled interviews with both, but by using the candidate managed settings, you allow candidates to reschedule interviews from internal and external job sites.

Candidates can even schedule interviews for the same day they receive an interview invitation! Recruiters can set a limit on how many times a candidate can reschedule and set a minimum number of hours before an interview that changes can be made.

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Perhaps the coolest time-saving feature is Oracle’s Digital Assistant. This interactive program has artificial intelligence and is self-learning, allowing it to handle many candidate questions on its own. Imagine what you could get done in the time you might otherwise spend answering a few dozen questions about position details and company culture.

We’ve established that ORC makes it easier to promote your open position, but ORC also proves it’s worth once you’ve chosen a candidate and it’s time to extend a job offer. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Chances are, with a few modifications, one offer letter will work for most job offers.

Recruiters can create offer letter templates that provide the company’s branding and basic letter components. This is then merged with the candidate’s personal information to create an individual offer letter, providing a personalized experience for the candidate without quite as much work for your employees.

Oracle Recruiting wraps all these features (and more) into one powerful package. This fact alone saves time because employees can accomplish so much without having to learn multiple applications.

ORC Works for Candidates

Of course, your recruiting program needs to perform for staff, but it won’t do you much good if the system isn’t also user-friendly for job seekers. The employee experience is undoubtedly linked to the candidate experience. ORC doesn’t just help employer fill job openings; it also helps job seekers find and apply for them.

Automate Your Recruiting Process Oracle Recruiting Cloud

 Meet candidates where they are

It’s important to meet people where they are, and in today’s technology-driven world, people are on their phones. If you have Oracle Recruiting Cloud, that’s not something to worry about because ORC is mobile-friendly for both the recruiter and the applicant. The application even has SMS-supported capabilities. For those that prefer texting, applicants can enjoy text-based options for identity verification, scheduling, updates, and other communications. ORC will even remember whether a new candidate verified his/her identity by email or SMS and continue to send communications using that method. Candidates may update those preferences at any time.

Offer frustration-free applications

A Glassdoor study found that a complicated application process will reduce the number of applications received for a position. According to the study, “reducing the time needed to complete an online job application by 10 percent is associated with a 2.3 percent increase in job applications from mobile job seekers and a 1.5 percent increase in applications from desktop job seekers.” The study also notes, “Mobile job seekers, on average, successfully complete 53 percent fewer applications and take 80 percent longer.”

If you’re unsure how to simplify the application process and make it more mobile-friendly, don’t worry. The creators of ORC have done some of that thinking already. First, creating an account is not required. Users only need to provide a phone number and email address to apply. That alone can save several minutes of application time. Even without an account, users can still save applications before submitting and return to them by providing that email or phone number.

Oracle’s Profile Import is another useful feature for smoothing out the application process. Candidates can import their profile from a third party (such as LinkedIn or Indeed) instead of having to manually input that information.

Provide prompt responses to candidate questions

Remember when we told you how marvelous the Digital Assistant was for employers? Well, it’s great for job seekers, too. Perhaps a candidate has a question that is stopping them from sending in an application. Instead of having to wait for a response from a company employee (and potentially losing interest or getting sidetracked in the meantime), the Digital Assistant can answer many of the most common candidate questions right away. No waiting required.

Before you go

So now, if we asked what do parking your car, eating lunch, locking your door, and hiring an employee all have in common, we suspect you’d have a pretty good idea of the answer.

Previously, filling open positions may have seemed tedious, or even daunting. With Oracle Recruiting Cloud, the process is streamlined for employers and job seekers.

Even if you’re convinced that Oracle Cloud Recruiting could help your company, it’s perfectly natural to wonder how your HR staff will learn to take advantage of all those dazzling features. You’re in luck, because training employees on Cloud applications is another process made easier by technology. And it’s exactly what we’re here for.

Our Oracle Recruiting Cloud course, available through ENGAGE by Maverick, walks your HR team through the entirety of Oracle Recruiting Cloud, from implementation and configuration, to end user processes like creating a requisition.

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The article was written for Oracle release 21A. Due to the nature of Cloud software and updates, this article may no longer be accurate. If you would like access to the most up-to-date version, please reach out to our team to learn more.