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Integrating CPQ

Integrating CPQ Made Easy

Integrating CPQ: It's not that scary!    CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote and is Oracle’s one-stop-shop for creating configurable products. CPQ can be integrated with a long list of external software for optimal usage:   Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Commerce  Oracle Commerce On Premise  Oracle Enterprise Contracts  Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)  Oracle EBS Configurator Reference Integration  Oracle Fusion Configurator Reference Integration  Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)  Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)  Oracle Process Cloud Service...

Custom Training on Software as a Service - access training anywhere

Importance of Custom Training on Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are becoming the industry standard. And it makes sense. Cloud Software has countless more benefits than on-premises software. Some of the benefits of SaaS include the following: Lowered capital expenditure Reduced operational expenditure in maintenance Decreased system downtime due to updates Decreased IT support tickets which free up IT to focus on key business initiatives Improved scalability Your team...

FSM in Oracle Cloud

How to Master FSM in Oracle Cloud Applications

FSM stands for Functional Setup Manager. Every Oracle Cloud application includes the Functional Setup Manager which can be accessed by navigating to Setup and Maintenance. The Setup and Maintenance area should be available to every member of an organization with the Functional Setups User role (ORA_ASM_FUNCTIONAL_SETUPS_USER_ABSTRACT). Read on to learn more about FSM in Oracle Cloud applications. Navigation There are three...