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Forgetting Curve and Software as a Service

The Forgetting Curve and Software as a Service

…and training your team the right way! Hermann Ebbinghaus conducted a scientific study to discover how people retain and forget information. Today, the results of his study is known as the Forgetting Curve. Ebbinghaus found that within 24 hours, people forget about 50% of what they have learned. Each day that passes, people forget more and more of the information...

Manage resources in Oracle PPM Cloud

How to efficiently use labor resources in Oracle PPM Cloud

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, or Oracle PPM Cloud, is a fully integrated project management tool that your organization will leverage for efficient project management. As a project manager, you can use Oracle PPM Cloud to oversee projects, review robust project reports, and manage deliverables, deadlines, and resources. Read on to learn more about resources in Oracle PPM Cloud. What...