Implementing new software is no easy feat. In fact, a 2020 study by the Standish Group revealed that over 70% of software implementations fail. There are many reasons why a software implementation can fail, including poor planning or an organization’s resistance to change. But one of the most crucial components of a successful software implementation is ensuring that the project team members implementing your organization’s new software have the necessary knowledge to do so effectively.  

Most likely when you think about training for your organization, your first thought is about end user training. And while it is essential for your end users to receive ample training, solely focusing on their training can cause your implementation to fall behind before end users even begin to access the system. It is crucial to also provide your project team with training so that they can properly set the groundwork before your system’s go live.  

It’s hard to know where to begin with your training efforts, and which information is the most important for your various team members. But don’t worry, we’ve got the answers…just keep reading.  

With a subscription to Maverick Solutions’ digital training platform, ENGAGE Learn, your project team members have immediate access to our project team learning paths. Our project team learning paths are preset with relevant content for varying roles in your implementation- such as testers, system designers, and implementers. Your subscription also includes the ability to create custom learning paths for your end users that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs.  

By utilizing our carefully selected learning paths, your project team members are provided with a simulated environment to gain exposure and familiarity before getting into the live system. This is especially useful for design and testing participants, who typically won’t have access to a practice environment, since the system is being built at the same time as their implementation initiatives are occurring. Traditional training offerings may provide video-based training for participants during this phase, but our learning paths offer interactive, modular training. 

What are project team learning paths?  

Maverick’s learning paths are a selection of our topic documents and step-by-step tutorials, organized based on the functions that various project team members will be performing in your Oracle Cloud applications. These learning paths serve to provide users with the early awareness required to successfully contribute to implementation initiatives.  

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The content within these learning path offerings is carefully curated for your project teams’ individual training needs. While we offer a wide variety of training content in our standard libraries, the content within these learning paths is selected specifically for project team training.  

We offer project team learning paths for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) that will allow your project teams to gain the knowledge and wisdom of their respective Oracle pillars to ensure that your implementation buildout fits your unique business processes. 

Maverick’s three learning path tracks 

Maverick offers three project team learning path tracks: The Investigator, The Surveyor, and The Specialist. Each learning path track has been meticulously designed for the project team members who will be involved in that specific functional area of your software implementation. Below is a quick overview of each of the learning path offerings, their intended audiences, and their contents.

Learning Path Track 



The Investigator  

Project team members participating in testing 

Application navigation, understanding of key processes, actions, and tasks

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Project team members participating in system design 

Application navigation, functionality, and integrations; configuration options and understanding key processes, actions, and tasks 

The Specialist  

Project team members or 

implementers configuring Oracle applications 

Application navigation, functionality, and integrations; application implementation and configuration; configuration tasks and understanding of key processes, actions, and end user tasks 


The Investigator 

The Investigator paths are for the project team members that are involved in the testing of your new software. The training content within these paths will provide them with initial exposure to the Oracle system and how it will work. These users, as the track name indicates, will be investigating the key features and functions of your Oracle applications and learning how to best navigate the system.   

This track will teach users how to:  

  • Navigate in the application 
  • Understand the processes related to the application  
  • Perform various key actions and tasks within the application 

The Surveyor  

The Surveyor paths cater to your system design gurus as they piece together the unique business processes and flows for your organization. These paths contain content on navigation and functionality of the Oracle application but go a bit further than the Investigator paths. These users will approach the applications more methodically, surveying the resources available within the applications for them to successfully contribute to system design initiatives.   

This track will teach users how to: 

  • Navigate in the application 
  • Understand how the application integrates with other applications 
  • Understand the application’s configuration options 
  • Understand role-based security for the app  
  • Understand how the system handles business processes 

The Specialist 

Finally, The Specialist paths are perfect for those team members who need to understand how to configure Oracle applications. These paths contain specialized content in relation to the implementation and configuration of Oracle Cloud applications. This track provides users with the necessary tools required to perform specialized tasks post go-live, instead of relying on a third-party implementer. The Specialist path is designed around Oracle’s implementation certification objectives.  

This track will teach users how to: 

  • Navigate and utilize the application 
  • Configure the application so it will function properly for end users 
  • Prepare for an Oracle certification  


In order for your implementation to avoid falling into that 70% of failed software implementations, your project team must be skilled, experienced, and trained on your new software. By utilizing Maverick Solutions’ project team learning paths, you can ensure that your project team members are receiving the proper training required to successfully contribute to your organization’s implementation initiatives. Once your project team is effectively trained, they will be able to contribute to your end user’s training on the new software.  

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How do your learning paths compare to Oracle University’s offerings?

Our Specialist learning path track covers this same content, but we also offer two additional paths, The Investigator and The Surveyor, for varied user needs. Oracle University offers video-based training, that must be taken in its entirety, where our training is interactive, modular, and self-paced.  

I’m looking for content on a process that isn’t listed in these learning paths, where can I find it?

The content within our learning path tracks is selected specifically for project team training, but we also offer an extensive library of training content that includes topics and tutorials not included in these paths. Alternatively, we can create custom learning paths for your organization to include the exact topics that are relevant to your workforce. You can also locate this content in the ENGAGE Learn library.  

Is there an assessment I have to take at the end?

No. We don’t require users to complete assessments at the end of our learning paths.